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About us

Andi Europe is a contemporary company attuned to up-to-date business models. Built on the foundation of international cooperation, Andi Europe is a company with existing relationships and infrastructure around the globe.

Our team is made of experts from various fields, and due to their experience, we are familiar with markets in Asia, US and Easter Europe. We have built strong relationships and partnerships in those territories. We are looking for new opportunities in Europe.


Andi Europe is a modern company that doesn't want to limit itself to only one production direction. We are well versed in several branches and we want to utilize our potential to bring the products and solutions we believe in to Europe. Andi Europe is primarily focused on software solutions for HoReCa , electronic gadgets, health care and beauty products, trading but also new product development and their introduction to the market. We are also interested in marketing and real estate.

Software Solutions

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Andi Europe is the official European distributor of Justo, the software solution for HoReCa. This latest interactive menu technology creates a new dimension of communication between a restaurant or a hotel with the clients, all of which contactless, which makes it safe and quick.

New Products Introduction

Commercial Representation

We optimize your business through commercial representation, by introducing new products to the market. Thanks to relationships built on trust, our clients entrust us with commercial project management in foreign countries. To do this, we undertake certain trading tasks to represent products and / or services in the target market. According to these working models, we simplify commercial tasks at the time of the decision to enter new markets in order to reduce costs and compress time frames.


Import Export

The exchange of various products to and from the international market is also in line with our vision of ensuring a more comfortable everyday life and bringing new, different, quality products to European customers.

In our efforts, we are a reliable partner performing timely and precise to deliver a superior service. To achieve this, we use the latest technological advances and innovative solutions.

Our Mission

We believe in products and solutions that make everyday life easier, more comfortable and more successful. That is why we strive to recognize the right opportunity at the right time. As a part of that, we are spreading our business across Europe, which we hope to achieve thanks to our background in other countries of the world, in order to bring new solutions, products and business opportunities here.

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